Henningsvær, Norra
Consultation contains different services that have something to do with Norwegian language, depending on the clients` needs. For example, it can be searching for information from written sources or Norwegian websites or visiting a trade fair with an Estonian company. So before you send a text for translation, think if you really need the whole text to be translated or if it is enough with a consultation that contains searching for information and giving an overview.

Vigelandi park, Oslo, Norra

How much does it cost?

Our Norwegian language expert Liis Uiboupin will make you an offer when she gets the information about what you need. She will estimate, how much time the consultation would take, including her work and communication with the client. Standard hour price is 46 EUR/h. The invoice is sent for the price agreed, not for the real time spent. If the client, however, is afterwards asking additional questions that could make the work amount significantly larger, we will make a new offer before continuing.

6 reasons, why to use the consultation services of Norra Keele Keskus:

  • Oslo ooperimaja, Norra
    Our expert Liis Uiboupin has a long experience in working with Norwegians and Norwegian texts;
  • Liis is efficient when searching for information;
  • It can cost much less to search for information from texts than to translate the whole text;
  • Our clients can get all the services (language learning, translation, consultation) connected to Norwegain from one expert;
  • We always stick to the deadlines and the order will be finished rather sooner than later;
  • Norra Keele Keskus is not VAT payer, so no VAT is added to the prices.
Send your consultation request to us or call + 372 506 77 83 and ask for an offer.